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Sept. 10, 2021

Potluck - Time at Immortals Academy on how to become a better League of Legends player.

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What an episode! I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with previous Immortals Academy Jungler,  Nicholas James Joseph "Potluck" Pollock.

Potluck's insights towards League of Legends allowed myself to better understand the professional scene, as he provides insights towards the demands and requirements of professional League of Legends.

Join us as we talk about;

  • Background and entry into Esports
  • Shift from casual to competitive
  • Playstyle adaptation and adoption
  • Understanding team synergy and team culture
  • Importance of communication
  • Developing awareness and in-game mechanics
  • Dealing with external performance (sleep, exercise, nutrition)
  • Goals and insights towards the demands of a professional player
  • Dealing with toxicity and overcoming it
  • Summary and take aways.