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Aug. 27, 2021

JohnnyBoi_i & Yumi_Cheeseman - Inside the Mind of Professional Rocket League Shoutcasters

We are BACK! Your favourite podcasts providing insights into some of the best Esports personalities around the globe - Mindclickers.

To kick it off with Season 3, we have John McDonald (JohnnyBoy_i) and David Lane (Yumi_Cheeseman), both professional Rocket League Commentators, with years of experience under their belt.

If there is anyone who would know anything about Rocket League, it is these two.

Join us as we explore the importance;

  •  Community driven events, 
  •  Dealing with criticism as a caster
  •  Accepting mistakes
  •  Players developing personalities
  •  Establishing team culture 
  • Franchising in Rocket League
  • True Neutral and regional competitiveness
  • Developing Rocket League content
  • Scrims, scrims, scrims
  • Key takeaways