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Mindclickers is an insight into the psychological and performance demands of Professional Esports Personalities.

Imagine if you could hear what a Physiotherapist recommends for best practice about ergonomics or stretches. Thinking of adding exercises into your routine? I wonder what an elite-level Strength & Conditioning Coach would recommend. How about figuring out Nutrition? We've got Registered Dietitians and Performance Nutritionists to cover that too!

But it doesn't stop there.. Ever wondered what top-level professional players think about before, during, or after a game? How they relax, deal with anxiety, adopt the flow state, communicate effectively and perform? We provide exclusive insights into the mind of top-level players so that you can add to your game!

Not only that, but have you been interested in starting your own path in Esports, but not sure where to look? We have episodes with Esports organisation owners, who share their stories about their path, and how they found success in an ever-developing scene.


About the Hosts

Joey MarchandProfile Photo

Joey Marchand

Head of Socials

Joey "Fernando" Marchand is at the helm of the social media and shorts production at Mindclickers. Creating innovative and easily digested short form content has allowed Mindclickers to reach new audiences across multiple social media platforms. Outside of his work for Mindclickers, he also studies Sports and Exercise Science at Western Sydney University, hoping to translate that to esports, as well as working with Ground Zero Gaming.

Nicholas StephanidesProfile Photo

Nicholas Stephanides

Strategic Advisor

Ex- Partnership Manager for Renegades
Current Ameuter FIFA Player
Career Sales total (estimate 2.3M AUD)
Currently working in the Sport Tech space as Technical Operations Coordinator at Track160

Lachlan ParkerProfile Photo

Lachlan Parker


Lachlan Parker is a Sport & Exercise Scientist and Rehabilitation Counsellor from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with a passion for Esports Performance, Science & Psychology. Lachlan aims to specialise in Mental Health to help target Esports players stress and anxiety.

Lachlan is also the current Head Coach for the APAC ElevateGG Rocket League Team, where he intervenes and counsels players to perform at their best, reduce game-day anxiety and stress, alongside promoting each individuals underlying motivation towards competing at the elite level. He previously coached the OCE Renegades to 3 International Events and the #1 Seed for OCE into the World Championship.