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July 10, 2022

Oliver Bass - Professional Esports Shoutcaster/Commentator

Episode 13!! Absolutely loved sitting down and talking with Oliver about his experience and background within Esports casting. Shoutcasting has always been an area that I've loved so It was fantastic to hear what goes on behind the scenes in terms of preparation for a big event!

01:37 - Oliver's Introduction into Esports
03:55 - Did you ever think you'd be in the position you are in now?
06:16 - Ability to wake up everyday, doing what he loves
08:13 - Esports to Tradtitional Sports Comparison
10:45 - XP League - LAN for Kids
11:10 - Parents asking for PRIVATE Esports coaching lessons?!
11:44 - Esports is different compared to 5 years ago
12:47 - Flashback to early shoutcasting days mindset
16:20 - Individual vs Duo Casting
21:30 - Yumi casting Farming Simulator is META
23:00 - How to cast a game you've never played before
25:50 - Casting is only ONE avenue into Esports
27:10 - The PHRASE BOOK!
33:00 - Looking back at previous casts/experiences
35:10 - Adjusting to different casting environments
38:30 - Casting at home easier after getting LAN experience
41:00 - Gaining confidence as an individual
42:00 - Utilising momentum in Esports
44:45 - Understanding and dealing with expectation
46:45 - LANDON Major 1st round predictions (Who did we have?)
1:12:10 - Reddit International Scrim Thread
1:13:30 - Final Takeaways/Insights

Follow Oliver on his main socials at https://twitter.com/BassFromThePast

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