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Jan. 15, 2021

Joe "Qu1ckdraw" Basso - CEO of FURYGlobal & Founder of The Oceania Esports Association.

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Welcome to Mindclickers; Season 2, Episode 4.  
In the following episode I dive in with Joe, an experienced telecom salesman by day, but leading and hungry Esports CEO at night. Joe draws on his past experiences when he first helped to start an organisation, followed by taking a social media manager role with FURY. Joe slowly grinding the solo Q of life and rose to the accomplished position that he is proud of today. The goal of this episode, is to provide an insight into the behind the scenes action of the thought process from an organisational perspective. How they choose teams, what gambles to take and ultimately what areas to focus on. Joe further talks about the founding of the OCA - Oceania Esports Association and the tremendous work they have done to help up and coming Esports athletes feel like they have a place to fit it. It is a conglomerate of localised Esports teams, with the ultimate goal of network and sharing the common passion - Esports.