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May 31, 2021

Ian Mills - Halo Esports Influencer and current United States Marine Corps

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Ian's passion for Halo is some of the best that we've heard, as we chat about the history of Halo as an Esport and how it progressed to be one of the most popular games.  Ian has had his fair share of experiences within the Esports scene, especially as a player and coach where he adopted a holistic mindset towards his player's performance

Topics covered in the following episode;

  • Halo origin and competitive days
  • Importance of maintaining gameplay to life balance
  • Impact of unhealthy eating habits upon performance
  • Insight into coaching and tournament organization days
  • The United States Marine Corps involvement within Esports
  • Development of Esports regions
  • The future of Halo Infinite
  • Final words and advice