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May 9, 2021

Dealing with Domestic & International travel as a Player

Dealing with Domestic & International travel as a Player

There comes a point where you may be required to turn off your pc, walk out the door and jump onto a plane.

Travelling isone of the most difficult topics to address as a player and team, as the backend logistics to get it right may often overwhelm the positives of the tournament itself.

However, taken from some professionals and coaches within the OCE Valorant scene, here are their top 5 tips for travel.


"Practice on the road is bascially impossible" - Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski.


1. Find your peak performance gameplay time

Before leaving for your trip, convert the time for when you are playing in a different country and practice scrimmaging with your team at that time. This will help you to acclimatise towards the time zone so that playing does not feel different. 

*Bonus - Use a second clock on your phone or elsewhere to keep track of what time it would be in your destination country

2. Understand there will be difficulties

Whilst travelling, there will be plenty of downtime between going to locations, organising events and waiting to play. Hotel internet may not be great, you may have to use a laptop, the desks and chairs may not suit you.Use this time to visualise different in-game scenarios so that you are still interacting with the game, not physically but mentally.

*Bonus - Pre-plan these scenarios prior to leaving

3. Nutritional Differences

Make sure that the country that you are going to has adequate food that you would normally be consuming. Have a pre-game snack that you’ve habitually used? Make sure to bring that so there is no need to go out and find it.Some countries may have different food so make sure you have food that will be appropriate for your performance

*Bonus - If it's a country that you have not been to before, research what typical meals look like so you can pre-plan food.

4. Climate/Weather

Ensure that you are adequately prepared to adjust to different climates. You may have to play at a room temperature that you are not used to. Look ahead and preplan what season it is, especially if you have no access to air-con/heater 

*Bonus - Wear different clothes according to the climate of travel in scrims to help climatise yourself

5. Sleep

Adjust your sleep up to 1 week prior to traveling to acclimate yourself at night.

Depending on the time zone, this may be going to bed an hour later or earlier than usual.

Circadian Rhythms are also known as our body clock. In jet lag, the sleep-wake cycle is out of phase with the local cycle, which may cause arousal during different times. 

*Bonus - If recommended, seek the use of melatonin medications to help shorten the time needed for reentrainment after travel