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March 23, 2021

Robert Yip - Previous Misfits, Immortals and FlyQuest Coach

I am joined here today by Robert Yip, previous performance coach for the previous Misfits and Immortals, and head coach for FlyQuest. Robert has worked 5 years in the 2 in LEC, 3 in LCS,  3 splits as a head coach and 7 as a performance coach, alongside as having 8 years' experience working in traditional sport.

Apologies for interruption at 65 Minute mark -> Editing error.

In the following episode we discuss, 

  • Previous experience in SC2 with TLO
  • Mindset of a performance coach, what does performance mean?
  • Self efficacy and feedback sandwhich
  • Confidence and mentality
  • Preparation for understanding failure vs winning
  • Mindset towards elite level competition
  • Concentration under pressure
  • Importance of Team dynamics and communication