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Jan. 22, 2021

Regan Campbell - Founder of Player 2 Second Hand Gaming & Mental Health Advocate

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In the following episode, I sit down with a long time pal of mine, Regan "Regzz" Campbell. Regan's previous experience in sales, motivated him to start and found his first online business; Player 2 Second Hand Gaming. The goal of Player 2 is to provide customers with the nostalgia of playing retro and old classics, for a cheap price. This episode goes in depth about the start ups and journey that Regan went through, from planning to execution of his online store. There are also important life lessons sprinkled throughout, that Regan has learnt and overcome along the way. Finally, there are some important Mental Health messages towards the end, as Regan and I strongly believe in everyone having support and someone there when the going goes tough. Regan's passion for mental health signs through and helps to augment Player 2 as an online retailer that not only cares for gamers, but everyone as a whole.

I am more than happy to announce my partnership with Regan and Player 2, as we both share common interests and have passions outside of gaming, that help to promote a positive lifestyle and overall positive mindset. As listeners of Mindclickers, you can receive 10% off your order by using the code "MIND10"! Money generated from using this code, will go back into Mindclickers to ensure we bring the best quality to every episode.

You can visit Player 2 Second hand gaming at the following link - https://player2aus.com