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June 19, 2021

Jack "ApparentlyJack" Benton - Inside the mind of a Professional Rocket League player for Dignitas.

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S2:E19 of Mindclickers arrives with ApparentlyJack from Dignitas.

Jack's passion is very obvious as he speaks in-depth about his mindset towards professional Rocket League.

The following episode contains detailed insights into;

 • Jacks background and entry into Rocket League
 • Dealing with the balance of school
 • Adapting to pre warmups
 • Sleep, Hydration, Exercise & Nutrition
 • Importance of quality coms
 • Developing team synergy
 • Rocket League ranked mindset
 • Developing skills in 1v1's
 • Importance of replay analysis
 • Dealing with toxicity
 • Marketing yourself as a player
 • Closing words