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Feb. 18, 2021

Hector Melendez - Gscience Head of Community Fitness & Founder of Road to Strength

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In the following episode, I chat with Hector Melendez, a Strength and Conditioning coach from the US, with a passion for everything health and Esports. Hectors passion lies within his business, as he helps coach clients through exercises as an S&C Coach,  directly improving their quality of life. Further, Hector is also the Head of Fitness over at Gscience, where he helps to create videos that have a widespread positive effect on the community and the people within it. 

Episode contents;

  • Importance of physical exercise for Esports players
  • Sport science implementation within Esports - HR/Breathing
  • Posture and the effects of ensuring proper ergonomics for Esports players
  • Exergaming - How this can be adopted by general populations and traditional athletes