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May 8, 2021

Dave Harris - Managing Director at Guinevere Capital (Esports & Entertainment)

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In the following episode, I chat with Dave Harris,  who is the managing director at Guinevere Capital, currently involved in consulting and managing multiple esports projects including London Spitfire, XL Esports, and the Esports high-performance centres at the Sydney cricket ground and Eden park stadium and also apart of the new League of legends OCEANIA CIRCUIT 

The following topics of the episode include;

  • Introduction to high-performance centers
  • Implementation of Univerity Esports Programs
  • Traditional sporting teams adopting Esports
  • Teams investing in external Allied Health Professionals
  • The ecological model of Esports Regions - Asian vs Western
  • OCE Esports regional development
  • Insight into London Spitfire + XL Esports
  • Esports Broadcasting