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Jan. 30, 2021

Charlie Beestone - Elite Performance Nutritionist & Cognition Esports Researcher

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In the following episode I sit down and chat with Charlie Beestone. Charlie is registered Performance Nutritionist, with experience in working in elite sport in a variety of sports including  Rugby, Football, Netball, Olympic Weightlifting, Triathlon, Strongman, Equestrian and many more. He is also a lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Hartpury University in the UK.  Alongside traditional sport, Charlie is currently looking to carry out research on the use of nutritional interventions to improve Esports, and is really passionate about nutrition to improve cognition and brain function in a variety of settings.  Charlie's experience within nutrition shines through as we chat about performing a needs analysis for individualized requirements,  future Esports research possibilities and the use of caffeine for gamers.